get engaged in a group Sundays @ 9AM or 10:30AM

LifeView is our groups ministry at PVFBC. It's about doing life together in the community of faith. It's about coming together regularly for fellowship and a Bible study that relates to where you are on your journey. And it's about growing in grace with other people just like you.

Get engaged in a group at either 9AM or 10:30AM on Sunday mornings. Use the form below to try one out. Someone will meet you at the guest entrance to show you the ropes!  Or just show up and enter through the guest entrance. Just inside is our welcome desk. A guest services ministry partner will assist you.


Currey Womack's Group

Currey is a seasoned group leader and Bible teacher with the heart of a pastor. His intergenerational group is mostly newer members who've joined or started attending in the last few years.

Meets @ 9AM

Fellowship Hall

For adults

Ronnie Anderson's Group

Ronnie is a deacon and long time member at PVFBC. He loves teaching God's Word and creating a sense of fellowship in his group.

Meets @ 9AM

Fellowship Hall - Room 1

For senior adults

Vickie Chapman & Wanda Anglin's Group

Vickie & Wanda are passionate about leading women into a closer walk with God and each other. Their little room in the basement is full of love and laughter.

Meets @ 9AM

Basement - Room 2

For adult ladies

Sue Proctor's Group

Sue is a master gardener who uses her "green thumb" to help her group grow spiritually. They are young at heart if they're anything.

Meets @ 9AM

Sanctuary Complex - Room 1

For senior ladies

Norman Tidwell's Group

Norman is a deacon at PVFBC with a great sense of humor and a heart for teaching the Bible. He's been leading this group faithfully for many years.

Meets @ 9AM

Sanctuary Complex - Room 2

For senior men

Sanctuary complex - the ground level floor of the building containing the sanctuary. Enter through the Guest Entrance.

Basement - the area below the sanctuary complex ground level. Access by using the stairs just past the welcome desk on the right (next to the double glass doors leading onto the porch).

Fellowship Hall - the building attached to the sanctuary complex by a covered walkway. Enter the first floor through the glass door next to the stairs.


Toney Collier's Group

Toney is a deacon at PVFBC who jumped at the chance to lead a brand new group for adults of a younger persuasion. He can't wait to engage everyone in the Bible and create a sense of fellowship.

Meets @ 10:30AM

Basement - Room 4

For younger adults

Dr. Sam Creed's Group

Dr. Sam is a retired pastor who enjoyed a long and fruitful career in ministry. We're so glad he's using his experience and gifts at PVFBC. Sam is well-versed in the Bible and ready to lead his brand new group in study and fellowship.

Meets @ 10:30AM

Sanctuary Complex - Room 1

For adults

Duane Elliott's Group

Duane is a retired Math teacher who enjoys teaching the Bible and engaging his group in activities and get-togethers outside the room.

Meets @ 10:30AM

Fellowship Hall - Room 2

For senior adults

In addition to groups for adults, we offer classes and groups for children birth through 12th grade at both the 9AM service. Right now, we don't offer groups for 5-12th grade students at the 10:30AM service, but we're working on it!

KidsView ministers to kids birth through 4th grade at all services. Loving staff and volunteers lead in worship and Bible study tailored just for them.

The KidsView ministry area is located in the Fellowship Hall Complex (2nd floor), the building connected to the Sanctuary Complex by a covered walkway. Look for the KidsView sign. Guest Services volunteers will be there to help guide you to the right place. Kids in 5 & 6th grade meet for View56 every Sunday in the Basement area beneath the Sanctuary during the 9AM hour.

RendezView is our student ministry for 7-12th grade. They meet every Sunday during the 9AM hour in the Student Center located in the Basement area beneath the Sanctuary and on Wednesday nights at 6:30PM.